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KRAFT ENERGY SYSTEMS offers its customers an array of power systems that suit virtually every situation and facility. By using the power system's exhaust as a secondary power source, you make your system more efficient, and as a result, you save money.

Savings can be significant, depending on your unique power requirements, but often customers find that investing in CHP pays for itself in a few short years. And with green energy incentives, the use of Kraft Energy Systems CHP power is remarkably attractive right now! (Massachusetts offers $750/kW payback for purchasing green energy power systems)

We have a variety of power systems installed at hospitals, manufacturing plants, office buildings, bakeries, breweries.. the list goes on. Farms, wastewater treatment, landfills, and any industry that produces a biological waste product can benefit from our biogas power systems. Use your waste. as a power source!

Kraft Energy Systems' CHP systems utilize a variety of environmentally sound and highly efficient fuel options:

  • Natural Gas
  • Landfill/Digester Gas
  • Biodiesel
  • Coal Bed Methane

Our modular systems are easy to install, offering:

  • Compact design
  • Low emissions
  • Natural gas, biogas, bio-fuel compatible
  • Reliable, fuel efficient engine technology
  • Silent enclosure
  • Low initial investment, low operating cost
  • System efficiency of up to 84%

Our customizable CHP units are another reliable choice, suited to fit a variety of power needs:

  • Natural gas or landfill/digester gas
  • Reliable, fuel efficient engine technology
  • Steam or hot water thermal recovery

Modular CHP units to fit your power requirements

Rich Burn Engines

Biogas Engines

Lean Burn Engines

High Quality Controls

Kraft Power designed generator control systems to work seamlessly along with CHP power units. Highly reliable and customizable, PLC Controls enable fully automated operation of the generator engine and electrical mains.

plc controls

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Prime CHP Power, Pepsi Bottling Plant, New York, NY

CHP/Prime Power Experience
New England Confectionary Co., Revere, MA

MAN Engines easily power cogen applications using a variety of fuels.

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