Kraft Power Generators, Gas and Diesel Engines


Kraft Energy Systems installed a power plant at the Landis Sewerage Authority in Vineland, New Jersey that uses methane to create electricity and hot water from their wastewater treatment facility. The system treats the methane produced, allowing the finished product to burn in an engine that spins a generator, creating electricity and hot water. The installation at LSA will help stabilize local sewer rates by reducing the amount of electricity used, as well as lessen the facility's impact on the environment.

We estimate the new system will cut the LSA's electric bill by 10 percent each day, or about $14,000 per month. The LSA previously spent roughly $80,000 per month on electricity. The new plant can convert 50,000 to 70,000 cubic feet of greenhouse gases per day that were previously pumped into the environment.

The plant should pay for itself in savings in about six years.

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